ASC Services

ASC has a variety of services to optimize your opportunities for academic success. Students who require one or more of the following services will be referred by their ASC staff member after a review of their individual needs.

Alternate Format

Alternate formats for course material includes, but is not limited to: enlarged copy, braille, and electronic copies. Students, who need an alternate format, need to provide their booklists to the ASC, preferably in advance of each semester, and proof of purchase of the course materials they are requesting.

Email: for more information

ASD Social Group

This is a twice a week social group for students who identify as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The group provides students with an opportunity to connect with each other and develop their support network. This is facilitated through activities that focus on building relationships, developing social skills and wellness strategies.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) includes, but is not limited to: reading software, dictation software, organization/planning software, recording devices, FM systems, and training on any of the above technology.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support

American Sign Language (ASL), computerized note taking and real time captioning are services that can be arranged for students who are registered with the ASC and are deaf or hard of hearing. These services are available for students registered to attend any Durham College program including day time programs, continuing education and academic upgrading.

Email: for more information

Peer Note Taking

Some students have been approved to take notes for classes. You can access the notes that others take or sign up to take notes for your peers.

Reduced course load/tuition fee policy

Students who have been approved for reduced course load as an accommodation for an exceptionality may be eligible for reduced tuition fees for the final courses needed to complete their academic program. To see tuition fee policy please visit the following link

Tuition Fee Policy

Testing support

Students who wish to access their testing accommodations are requested to sign up with the Test Centre a minimum of 7 days in advance for tests, midterms and quizzed. To sign up for your tests visit the following link:

Test Centre