Book Appointment

Book An Appointment

Need an appointment with your Accessibility Coach, Case Manager, Counsellor, or Assistive Technologist? Just follow these steps:

Step 1 - Contact Our Office

  • Oshawa and Pickering Campus

p: 905-721-3123


  • Whitby Campus

p: 905-721-2000 ext 4141


Step 2 - Request an Appointment

Request an appointmnet based on what support you require.

(Example: questions about accommodations would be booked with your Accessibility Coach/Case Manager, for training on reading software your appointment would be booked with an Assistive Technologist.)

Step 3 - Know Where To Go For Your Appointment

  • Oshawa Campus

Coaching and Support Centre

SW116 Gordon Wiley Building

  • Whitby Campus

Coaching and Support Centre,

Room 180

  • Pickering Campus

Students will typically meet at the Oshawa location unless otherwise specified.