ASD - Social Group: This is a twice a week social group for students who identify as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The group provides students with an opportunity to connect with each other and develop their support network. This is facilitated through activities that focus on building relationships, developing social skills and wellness strategies.

When all the pieces fit and students begin to grow together in a space of inclusion and acceptance then success emerges. The Access and Support Centre and Residence has teamed up to develop an ASD- Learning Living Community to support students living with Autism who will be residing in Durham College’s residence while they are attending a program.

In the ASC living learning community you will learn about:

  • Self-regulations
  • Cooking skills
  • Social skills
  • Anger management skills and much more

All of this is taught through individualized success coaching and group work with an emphasis on relationships and life skills. This will be organized through ongoing support in a patient and reassuring environment

Students who would like to be part of the ASD-learning living community must register with the Access and Support Centre to verify eligibility for the program.

Join us in Residence for academic readiness and social connectedness.

For information about Residence visit: Durham College Residence